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Biogreen was born as a natural diet brand backed by 23 years of experience in the sector. Our main headquarters are located in Humanes de Madrid, Spain. We like to take care of you and the environment that surrounds us, therefore, we consider natural and organic food as the fundamental pillar to build a full and healthy life.

Given its wide and deep knowledge of the sector, and always having the obligation to offer the public the best agri-food quality, Biogreen offers the perfect combination between innovative techniques and the taste of a lifetime.

We offer a wide range of foods and super foods from natural sources, without any type of genetic manipulation, and being recognized in the market for their original quality.

We eat healthy to live, and we live to be happy in the world that we build ourselves. For this reason, our philosophy is based on the consideration of natural and organic food as the main source of a healthy and happy life, and respect for the environment.

The different Biogreen lines, the result of the union of enthusiasm and professionalism, come from a very select crop and that is because the best raw materials always give the best results to an audience that, moreover, is becoming more and more extensive and demanding.

Our company is in charge of preparing food and food supplements designed to provide the necessary nutrients to take care of your body. For this reason, we always make sure to guarantee the best quality, counting on reliable and recognized suppliers in the food market, who also undergo strict food controls.

At Biogreen , we always carry our motto “good by nature” forward. Organic farming allows to obtain a final product with a totally natural composition and with all the characteristic flavor of the food. For this reason, we recommend our brand from the youngest to the oldest in the family. In addition, they are very easy products to add to any dish or with which you can make original, healthy and nutritious recipes.


Biogreen House is synonymous with quality: